August Monthly Product Update – InfluxDB Native Collectors, Improved Tasks, CLI Onboarding, and a New OSS Distribution

We love to write and ship code to help developers bring their ideas and projects to life. That’s why we’re constantly working on improving our product in sync with developer needs to ensure their happiness and accelerate Time To Awesome.

This month is special. We have many features that we think you will love when onboarding or continuing to use InfluxDB.

We launched Native Data Collectors this month. If you are in the IoT world, it’s the fastest way to get your data in, transform it, and then play with it.

We also made it easier for you to get started with any client language. Our new CLI Onboarding tools enable you to get set up and start coding right away.

1 - InfluxDB Native Collectors - MQTT

We want to make it super easy for you to get data in. And with our new Native Collectors capability, we help you do that – with no additional software or agents – by simply configuring InfluxDB Cloud to subscribe to an MQTT broker. You can bring data in and take advantage of Flux and the power of the InfluxDB Cloud platform.

Native Collectors reduce time for developers to get up and running with message queues, meet them where they are in the journey of data ingestion, and save them time in the process.

We are kicking off the first of the Native Collector features with a focus on MQTT brokers, and will add functionality for Apache Kafka and AMQP in the coming months. To dive deeper, please check out our Release Announcement.

2 - Key features shipped in August

Along with Native Collectors, we also released major new features relating to Tasks, Onboarding and our Open Source version of InfluxDB. Please take a look at my blog posts below for more information.

  • Invokable Tasks - Tasks can now invoke Scripts and pass variables to these Scripts, greatly increasing your ability to manage, reuse, and scale your code and processes.

  • CLI Onboarding - The new CLI onboarding wizard allows you to interact with InfluxDB’s command line interface to read and write data within the first 5 minutes of logging in.

  • New OSS Release - InfluxDB OSS 2.4 comes with new core features, Flux enhancements, and additions to the API that support features of the CLI.

3 - Bug fixes

This month, we also fixed a number of outstanding bugs to improve the user experience with InfluxDB Cloud.

  • Ensured that the raw data view toggle stops freezing the browser with large datasets.

  • Ensured that dropdowns with predictive text search bars can successfully handle large lists.

  • Improved usability of sorting table columns on the Data Explorer page.

  • Reordered the tabs in the left side account navigation to match the new header navigation drop-down options to drive consistency.

  • Ensured that CSV file downloads from the Data Explorer page properly replace spaces with underscores.

  • Updated URLs to contain the same naming as the UI components to drive a consistent user experience.

  • Ensured that labels are no longer required on buckets in order to save and use buckets.