Now in Beta: Chronograf a complete open source monitoring solution running on the TICK Stack

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Today we’re announcing the latest edition of Chronograf, the user interface of the TICK stack and moving the project to beta status. Over the past month, we have been quickly iterating on features and addressing issues based on user feedback.  Key highlights include:

  • OAuth authentication via GitHub
  • Application templates for ElasticSearch, Varnish, and 22 other templates
  • Responsive design for the host view page
  • A number of other smaller bug fixes... refer to the change log for more details

As a part of the beta release, we have recorded a video which walks through the key capabilities of Chronograf in less than 5 mins.

Continuing the journey

This beta release is the next step on our journey with Chronograf and driving it towards general availability. We will continue to iterate quickly based on user feedback and releasing nightly builds.  With over 200 downloads of the alpha release so far, it appears that there is strong community interest around the capabilities that Chronograf provides.  We are very appreciative of all the feedback and engagement thus far!

In terms of the items that we intend to address prior to making Chronograf generally available, we are focused on the following:

  • Application based view of your infrastructure
  • Export of graphs from the Data Explorer into Grafana
  • Support for user configurable dashboards
  • Ability to view the TICK script output in the alert manager
  • Additional options for Kapacitor alerting
  • Additional data visualization types
  • Stability and polish of the existing features

You can continue to expect releases every 2 weeks with bug fixes and updates to the remaining features. In the near term, we are eager to address defects as they are discovered, improve ease of use, and gather requirements for future feature additions based on input from those of you within the community who are exploring the Chronograf beta. We’ll be moving quickly so we hope you’ll contribute through feedback or code.

As part of InfluxData’s vision to enable users to own their monitoring on pure open source software, Chronograf represents a continuation of our two primary drivers as we build software: optimize for developer happiness by giving our users the fastest time to value while delivering tools and solutions that are a joy to use.  We hope you enjoy exploring the Chronograf Beta!

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