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DZone | Flux Windowing and Aggregation

Publication: DZone Title: Flux Windowing and Aggregation Author: Katy Farmer Abstract: This DZone article by InfluxData Developer Advocate Katy Farmer discusses Flux queries, Flux being the new language in development at InfluxData. She shows how to window and aggregate data in Flux. The...


Integration Developer News | StreamSets Embeds InfluxData's Time Series Technology To Deliver DataOps for Cloud-Native, Multi-Cloud Projects

Publication: Integration Developer News Title: StreamSets Embeds InfluxData’s Time Series Technology To Deliver DataOps for Cloud- Native, Multi-Cloud Projects Author: Vance McCarthy Abstract: In this Integration Developer News article, Vance McCarthy covers the recent announcement that StreamSets is partnering with InfluxData to...


The New Stack | The Need for Time Series Data Is Now

Publication: The New Stack Title: The Need for Time Series Data Is Now Author: Mark Herring Abstract: In this article, InfluxData CMO Mark Herring puts in context the growing popularity of time series technology and explains the reasons behind that growth. Herring...

Katy Farmer

Flux Windowing and Aggregation

Today, we’re talking about queries. Specifically, we’re talking about Flux queries, the new language being developed at InfluxData. You can read about why we decided to write Flux and check out the technical preview of Flux. If you’re an InfluxDB user,...

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