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Chris Churilo

Influx/Days 2017 Speaker: Emily Nakashima

Emily Nakashima is a full-stack JS developer who loves design, web performance, and metrics and is currently an engineer at Previously she led the dashboard engineering team at Bugsnag, and has experience in full stack development, browser javascript and browser...

Tim Hall

Release Announcement: Chronograf

A new feature bearing release for Chronograf is now available: Chronograf -- release notes Key feature highlights from the release are: Introduction of the new TICKscript editor deepening the integration with Kapacitor. Dashboard cells can now each be assigned a different...


The New Stack | OpenTracing: An Open Standard for Distributed Tracing

Publication: The New Stack Title: OpenTracing: An Open Standard for Distributed Tracing Author: Gianluca Arbezzano Abstract: In this blog post, InfluxData’s Gianluca Arbezzano provides an overview of OpenTracing, its theoretical foundations, and its practical applications in the context of today’s growing adoption of modern distributed...

Nathan Haugo

Catching Up with Chronograf

Chronograf is now available for download, and it provides a number of new features including an editor for TICKscript, support for the fill() functions, the ability to download queries as CSV files, and support for multiple data sources per dashboard....

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