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Paul Dix

InfluxDB v0.9.0 release update 3

This is a quick update on the 0.9.0 release status. In the past four weeks we completely reworked the clustering and write path of InfluxDB. This work is in RC32, which we’ll be cutting later today. The stability of a single...

Paul Dix

InfluxDB v0.9.0 release update 2

Here’s the latest update on our path to InfluxDB 0.9.0. Since the last release update 18 days ago, we’ve merged 44 PRs to add features or close out bugs. Most notable on the feature side of things are non_negative_derivative, derivative. and distinct,...

Paul Dix

InfluxDB v0.9.0 release update

This is an update to the v0.9.0 release plan I posted a month ago. The short answer is: it’s not released or ready yet, but we’re making great progress. We would rather disappoint you on a release date than disappoint you...

Paul Dix

InfluxDB v0.9.0 Release Plan

Happy April 1st everyone! As you can see, March has come and gone and we haven’t yet released the official version of 0.9.0 of InfluxDB. Let’s call this our elaborate April fool’s joke. Seriously though, we’re very hard at work on...

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