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Russ Savage

Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.9.4

A new maintenance release for Telegraf is available now. Telegraf 1.9.4 release notes This maintenance release of Telegraf 1.9.4 includes improvements to the following plugins: Agent Updated to build packages with Go 1.11.5 CSV Parser (csv) Fixed an issue where skip_rows and...


Forbes | Top 25 IoT Startups To Watch In 2019

Publication: Forbes Title: Top 25 IoT Startups To Watch In 2019 Author: Louis Columbus Abstract: This Forbes article, written by Louis Columbus, lists the top 25 IoT startups to watch in 2019 (based on McKinsey Global Institute’s Artificial Intelligence: The Next Digital...

Mark Herring

2018: A Transformative Year for InfluxData

In 2018, InfluxData experienced the most accelerated growth in our company’s history. Every major sector of our business made progress well beyond initial goals. Expanding our category leadership, we empowered more developers to build next-generation applications aiding in real-time decision making...


DZone | InfluxDB 2.0 Alpha Release and the Road Ahead

Publication: DZone Title: InfluxDB 2.0 Alpha Release and the Road Ahead Author: Paul Dix Abstract: This article, published by DZone and written by InfluxData Founder and CTO Paul Dix, covers the InfluxDB 2.0 alpha release. The author begins by noting that InfluxData’s...


Manufacturing Tomorrow | Managing the Metrics

Publication: Manufacturing Tomorrow Title: Managing the Metrics Abstract: This Manufacturing Tomorrow Q&A with Head of Product Marketing at InfluxData Navdeep Sidhu discusses how manufacturing companies are creating real business value from their data. First, Sidhu provides an overview of InfluxData. Then he...

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