InfluxDB Enterprise 1.10 now available with additional API support and improved bucket capabilities

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With this release, InfluxDB Enterprise has enhanced support for CRUD operations, retention policies, APIs, v2 buckets, and Flux. Please check out the new feature-bearing release for InfluxDB Enterprise:

Key highlights for this InfluxDB Enterprise release – available here – include:


  • Added /api/v2/buckets support for create, delete, list, retrieve, and update operations.

  • Added /api/v2/delete support.

  • Added wildcard support for retention policies in SHOW MEASUREMENTS.

  • Logged slow queries even when query logging is not enabled.

  • Added --start and --end backup options to specify the time to include in backup.

  • Added Raft Status output to inflxud-ctl show.

Flux updates

  • Added preview() to experimental package for limiting return rows and tables (as opposed to just rows with limit()).

  • Added date.scale() to let users dynamically scale durations in dates.

  • Added OpenTracing spans to Flux transformations. Lets you monitor Flux scripts more precisely.

  • Added trace option to Flux CLI.

  • Rename addDuration() to add and subDuration() to sub, and moved both of these functions from the experimental package to the date package.

  • Added location support to date.truncate().

  • Vectorized arithmetic operators in map().

  • Vectorized logical operations in map().

  • Enabled movingAverage() and cumulativeSum() optimizations by default.

Bug fixes

  • Backup
    • Fixed backup estimation so it dynamically updates with known information as progress is made.
    • Ability to create backup with passing only -shard flag when using the influxd-ctl backup command.
  • influx_inspect
    • Ability to export multiple retention policies (RPs) on the same database.
    • verify subcommand no longer appends /data to the -dir flag path parameter
  • Other
    • Grow tag index buffer if needed. This avoids a panic in the rare case of exactly 100 tags in a record.
    • Fixed multiple results returned per timestamp for some nested InfluxQL queries.
    • Synced index file before close to avoid a shard reload error on instance restart.
    • Fixed rare case of numMeasurements reporting as less than 0 in /debug/vars.
    • Fixed influxd config panic.
    • Fixed shard confusion when multiple sub-queries reference different retention policies.

Maintenance updates

  • Upgrade to Flux 0.170.0.

  • Upgrade to Go 1.18.3.

  • Fixed issue with OSXCross and Darwin builds. This results in the new minimum OSX version being MacOSX10.14/darwin18.