InfluxDB Enterprise 1.10 now available with additional API support and improved bucket capabilities

With this release, InfluxDB Enterprise has enhanced support for CRUD operations, retention policies, APIs, v2 buckets, and Flux. Please check out the new feature-bearing release for InfluxDB Enterprise:

Key highlights for this InfluxDB Enterprise release – available here – include:


  • Added /api/v2/buckets support for create, delete, list, retrieve, and update operations.

  • Added /api/v2/delete support.

  • Added wildcard support for retention policies in SHOW MEASUREMENTS.

  • Logged slow queries even when query logging is not enabled.

  • Added --start and --end backup options to specify the time to include in backup.

  • Added Raft Status output to inflxud-ctl show.

Flux updates

  • Added preview() to experimental package for limiting return rows and tables (as opposed to just rows with limit()).

  • Added date.scale() to let users dynamically scale durations in dates.

  • Added OpenTracing spans to Flux transformations. Lets you monitor Flux scripts more precisely.

  • Added trace option to Flux CLI.

  • Rename addDuration() to add and subDuration() to sub, and moved both of these functions from the experimental package to the date package.

  • Added location support to date.truncate().

  • Vectorized arithmetic operators in map().

  • Vectorized logical operations in map().

  • Enabled movingAverage() and cumulativeSum() optimizations by default.

Bug fixes

  • Backup
    • Fixed backup estimation so it dynamically updates with known information as progress is made.
    • Ability to create backup with passing only -shard flag when using the influxd-ctl backup command.
  • influx_inspect
    • Ability to export multiple retention policies (RPs) on the same database.
    • verify subcommand no longer appends /data to the -dir flag path parameter
  • Other
    • Grow tag index buffer if needed. This avoids a panic in the rare case of exactly 100 tags in a record.
    • Fixed multiple results returned per timestamp for some nested InfluxQL queries.
    • Synced index file before close to avoid a shard reload error on instance restart.
    • Fixed rare case of numMeasurements reporting as less than 0 in /debug/vars.
    • Fixed influxd config panic.
    • Fixed shard confusion when multiple sub-queries reference different retention policies.

Maintenance updates

  • Upgrade to Flux 0.170.0.

  • Upgrade to Go 1.18.3.

  • Fixed issue with OSXCross and Darwin builds. This results in the new minimum OSX version being MacOSX10.14/darwin18.