Congratulations to the Third Annual InfluxDays Community Awards Winners

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Every year since I started at InfluxData, it has been my honor to recognize those community members who have made outstanding contributions to both the InfluxDB community and to our products over the past year. It’s always amazing to see people sharing their knowledge, their skills, and their passion with each other. Our community is an integral part of our success; we couldn’t build Telegraf, InfluxDB or Flux without their feedback and perspectives.

InfluxDB is the purpose-built time series data platform with over 705,000 daily active instances of InfluxDB OSS running. There are 75,000 + developers using InfluxDB Cloud globally — the number of people using the serverless platform has nearly doubled since last year. We’re excited to see the community growing every year.

We just wrapped up InfluxDays 2022 — our annual user conference. InfluxDays 2022 included watch parties, conference sessions, and InfluxDB University trainings. Additionally, developers were able to sharpen their skills with the InfluxDB University Challenge throughout the conference. It was a blast getting to hang out with our community members in person again, and share all of the exciting developments we’ve been making to the platform. Learn more about InfluxDB IOx, InfluxDB’s new storage engine, here.

The InfluxData Community Award winners are nominated by the people they interact with, both InfluxData staff and other users in the community. Because there are so many places and ways to contribute to the InfluxDB Community, we choose one winner for each of the following categories:

InfluxDB - For general contribution to InfluxDB itself, including the UI, deployment configurations, documentation or tutorials

Telegraf - For contributing bug fixes, new features, plugins, documentation, or tutorials

Flux Language - For contributing to the design and implementation of Flux, improvements to the language, extensions, documentation, tutorials, or support

Community - For providing community support, events, engagement, promotions or any other activity that has helped us grow our global community

The 2022 InfluxData Community Award winners are:

  • The InfluxDB Award: Arvid Teichtmann (also known as Franky1) – For his consistent support in the community forums, especially for answering questions about InfluxDB and sharing his knowledge of its tools.

  • The Telegraf Award: Thomas Casteleyn – For his continued outstanding support of the Telegraf community. Nobody has provided more support, answered more questions, or helped more people than Thomas has.

  • The Flux Language Award: Alfonso Acosta – For making many significant fixes and contributions to the Flux language itself and engaging with the Flux engineering team to help improve the language for everyone.

  • The Community Award: Giovanni Luisotto – For contributions across our community forums, Slack, Github and Stack Overflow, and across a broad range of topics, which highlights both the depth and breadth of his knowledge.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! It’s not easy picking just four winners out of the tens of thousands that have been active in our community, but these four stand out for their sustained involvement and commitment to helping other users of InfluxDB, Telegraf, and Flux. I would like to personally thank them for their contributions to the community and congratulate them on receiving the recognition and appreciation of their peers. We invite you to join the Built on InfluxDB program to share your InfluxDB projects and solutions here.