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ConSol Labs

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ConSol labs success story

ConSol Labs created the OMD-Labs platform to re-conceptualize how to install, maintain, and update monitoring systems built on Nagios, Icinga, Icinga2, Shinken, or Naemon. The OMD-Labs platform eliminates the task of manually compiling and integrating Nagios add-ons. It also prevents issues with out-of-date, pre-packaged installations that come with Linux distributions.

OMD-Labs simplifies Nagios graphing with ‘Nagflux.’ Nagflux sends performance data from the monitoring core to InfluxData’s InfluxDB. The data in InfluxDB can be used for reporting and statistical analysis. InfluxDB helped deliver many of the new features requested by developers building in the OMD-Labs environment.

Automated operations

Less manual work required for observability

Improved performance insights

Better statistical analysis and reporting

Increased open-source adoption

Consultants implement the best solution needed

Technologies Used

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