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Hoiio success story

Hoiio is a cloud company providing modular software services to businesses on a subscription and usage-based model.

Hoiio uses InfluxDB as a database for their DevOps monitoring system. Hoiio has collectd agents running on each host and publishes metrics every 10 seconds to InfluxDB regarding CPU, memory, load, etc. of each instance. The metrics are then visualized in Grafana. Hoiio is monitoring 80+ instances and is very happy with the performance! Hoiio had to do minimal configuration to get into production. The most painful part for them was the configuration of the collectd metrics!

Every 10 seconds

Collecting high-frequence DevOps metrics

80+ instances

Provides subscription-based monitoring collecting CPU, memory, load, etc data

Simplified dashboards

Clients can easily visualize their data

Technologies Used

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