Etumos built on (and thrives in) a continuously adapting framework of web development, systems integrations, digital marketing and econometrics. They create action plans and robust setups individualized to their clients’ setups, putting them on a clear path to more robust marketing. They let the numbers tell us where marketing should invest its time and money, and not the other way around. They have built FlowBoost to help their marketing clients with their Marketo Implementation.

FlowBoost is a webhook-powered plus pack for Marketo, the marketing automation SaaS platform. By providing a full JavaScript VM inside a webhook payload, they allow users to generate aggregate metrics across their Marketo database, perform complex field calculations with branching logic, and other data crunching tasks that aren’t possible with Marketo alone. A few examples would be:

  • Conditionally bumping a person's behavioral score based on their existing score, a score cap and other conditions
  • Complex datetime and interval calculations
  • Intelligent phone number formatting
  • Using regular expressions to normalize data values against a set dictionary
  • Determining which percentile a given lead is in for form fill-outs, content downloads, video plays, and so on
  • While they already offered an in-memory database ("FBStorage") which FlowBoost users can use to, for example, calculate percentiles across all the *current* values for a given field, they didn't have a way to do this same calculation over time series data.

In particular, a client asked if they could get percentiles using the count of a certain type of activity, by each person in their database, that occurred in the past 30, 60, and 90 days — this clearly called for a time series database (TSDB) with varying retention periods and Continuous Queries (CQs).

After a (blissfully!) brief evaluation and finding a hosting partner, Etumos was very happy to choose InfluxData’s InfluxDB as the backbone of “FBTimeSeries” — their time series alternative to FBStorage.

With InfluxDB backing their martech platform, they can do resource-efficient longitudinal modeling of lead behavior that other platforms only dream of.