WEGA is a web filtering solution featuring live analytics for system administrators. It’s based on multiple DNS servers which can detect malware, phishing sites and other unwanted content. The targeted audience are schools and universities who need web filtering solutions that don’t require users to set up something on their devices.

At the heart of Web Enrichment Guard (WEGA) is the DNS server which reports blocked and all requested pages to InfluxDB. Before InfluxDB, Haschek Solutions tried to implement a backend with MySQL and other databases, but they proved to be much too slow and just not fit for the job of managing time series data. Using InfluxDB allowed them to implement the DNS reporting system over UDP for maximum speed. InfluxDB can handle everything they throw at it – no matter how many requests per second they push out. Implementing the dashboard was very easy since InfluxDB has a powerful and amazingly fast querying system.