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Hyperion Six

Hyperion Six, Ltd. is the company behind extractBot, a web crawling service that is used for a number of use cases, such as collecting competitor intel, scraping stock tickers or scraping search engines.

A highly scalable, distributed web crawling and data collection tool, extractBot utilizes JSON extraction templates and currently processes a daily average of ~250M URLs. This product empowers customers to take control of their real-time analytics via either the extractBot API or a user-friendly online dashboard, including easy-to-implement development toolkits for Python, PHP, Node.js and Ruby.

250 million +

Daily average number of URLs processed

Replaced PostgreSQL

Able to query time-stamped data faster

Real-time analytics

Customers have gained better insights into web pages

Technologies Used

“It just works! We had our InfluxDB integration up and running within 48 hours. InfluxDB’s Continuous Queries have really been the game changer for us versus our old PostgreSQL solution.”

- Ben Milleare, Chief Technology Officer, Hyperion Six

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