Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) provides the world’s largest cloud-based data management platform for marketing teams. The Datalogix team of Oracle Data Cloud was tasked with providing managed infrastructure services to the Development team.

They chose InfluxDB platform because it served their metrics collection and storage needs and supported shifting their Dev team to containers. In addition, they built in monitoring to every container that their dev team spins up making monitoring available from the get-go.

Oracle Data Cloud uses InfluxDB to monitor their infrastructure; namely, the Mesos stacks that they give to Dev teams to do their workloads. Mesos stack monitoring using InfluxData enabled them to monitor cluster utilization and thereby control cost. In addition to InfluxDB for time series data storage, they also use Telegraf for metrics collection and Kapacitor for alerting.

Oracle Datalogix chose InfluxData’s platform to build their system of insight for metrics and events because it served their time series data storage, monitoring and alerting needs. InfluxDB — a high-performance data store written specifically for time series data — allows for high throughput ingest, compression and real-time querying. Not only can InfluxDB handle millions of data points per second, but it also offers flexible data retention policies.

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