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Quple (formerly Madberry) helps mobile game advertisers in acquisition and retention of loyal and paying users for their mobile games on a performance basis.

Quple’s systems run geographically distributed and in heterogeneous clustered software that handles tens of thousands of requests per second, processing a terabyte of data each day. Providing this service to their customers means 24/7 uptime is a must. The company needed a monitoring solution that allowed them to reliably monitor all of the software in their stack, health of their clusters and KPIs of active advertising campaigns. Quple makes use of Telegraf, InfluxDB and Kapacitor to perform monitoring and alerting tasks. With these components, Quple can ensure that their systems are in good health and at the same time receive early warnings about any abnormalities or service degradations that may occur.

24/7 uptime

Ensure SLA’s are met

1 TB

Amount of data collected per day

Reduced downtime

Ensure performant systems and better early alerting

Technologies Used

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