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Smarsh success story

Smarsh, Inc. provides cloud-based archiving and compliance solutions for companies in regulated and litigious industries. The company’s centralized platform offers a unified compliance and e-discovery workflow across a range of digital communications, including email, public and enterprise social media, website, instant messaging and mobile messaging aspects. It serves the regulatory compliance, e-discovery, and record retention requirements of financial services, healthcare markets and life sciences, public sectors, and other industries. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Portland, Oregon.

Smarsh‘s cloud platform requires a DevOps monitoring solution that allows Smarsh to continuously monitor networking and application networks. Smarsh found InfluxData’s InfluxDB as a replacement for Graphite as their metric storage system. They also leverage Telegraf as a local state check for system and services for Smarsh’s alerting infrastructure.

Beyond InfluxData being a popular open source time series platform, Smarsh found the ease of deployment, the simple HTTP API, and the ability to perform statistical analysis on measurements key to the adoption of InfluxDB. Also helpful was Telegraf’s ability to be a drop-in replacement for Diamond (a Python daemon) and can easily be wrapped around other tooling mechanisms.

3 billion +

Number of corporate communication messages managed daily

Enabled continuous DevOps monitoring

By collecting networks, apps and infrastructure metrics

Replaced Graphite

With InfluxDB as their time series metrics storage system

Technologies Used

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