Founded in Sweden in 2012, Scandinavian Technical Solutions AB (ST Solutions) strives to develop innovative and high-performance solutions for its customers. ST Solutions is making things smart, simply by installing a box and sensors and connecting that to the Internet. The company makes it possible to move from costly reactive maintenance to proactive management of anything with a motor or engine where the cost or impact of operational failure is high.

ST Solutions’ complete end-to-end ecosystem makes it possible for customers to connect and manage their infrastructure:

  • Almost any type of object can be connected.
  • Almost any type of sensor can be used.
  • Almost any type of protocol can be read as long as it is published.
  • All data is available locally in real time via ST Solutions' app.
  • All historical data is easily available via ST Solutions' web portal. ?

ST Solutions provides an embedded software application that’s run locally anywhere, as well as backend services that run in the cloud:

  • Connect – exqbe connects to any sensor or source you possibly need from your equipment
  • View – with exapp, you get real-time information from your equipment
  • Analyze – using excloud services, you analyze your equipment from a web browser anywhere
  • Protect – with exqbe alarm, your equipment is protected while it is not in use

For its real-time sensor monitoring and IoT use case, ST Solutions chose InfluxDB Cloud — a secure, fully managed database as a service offering, hosted (on AWS) and managed by InfluxData with all the features of the InfluxData platform.

Using InfluxDB Cloud, ST Solutions’ first product — exqbe — is an all-in-one system that is the first of its kind. With exqbe you now have the availability to monitor your entire vehicle’s performance, security and location using a range of quality sensors that can be installed on any vehicle. The exqbe product, through delivering monitoring data to track the status of your vehicle, informs decision-making and enables preventive action prior to breakdown.