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WayKonect (now Total) is a Lille startup specialized in fleet management. Their focus is on data analysis and actionable intelligence from vehicles and they take a driver-oriented approach to the field. WayKonect sets itself apart by offering proactive tools that optimize all aspects of fleet management to maximize performance and minimize costs. Their tools analyze driving behaviors and provide real-time coaching tips to help drivers improve fuel efficiency and safety. They deliver these insights through a multiplatform mobile app, and take care to safeguard driver privacy.

WayKonect wanted to build an intelligent, driver-centric fleet management solution that would comply with GDPR data privacy requirements while enabling transparency for each of their customers into their fleet. To achieve that, they needed to automate raw telemetry storage using a highly scalable and available time series database that would meet their high ingestion and variable retention requirements. WayKonect chose InfluxDB Enterprise, the enterprise time series database from InfluxData, to gather data and turn it into insights to help drivers improve fuel efficiency and safety. Their proactive tools optimize all aspects of fleet management, both maximizing performance and minimizing costs.

Enabling better fleet management

By automating telemetry collection while adhering to GDPR data privacy laws

Better real-time alerting

Gained visibility into vehicles and into the supporting infrastructure

Improved customer experience

Vehicle performance insights have boosted driver safety and fuel efficiency

Technologies Used

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