Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company with a mission to democratize commerce through technology. They provide technological solutions that empower millions of merchants and support consumers to participate in the future of commerce with a free C2C business platform. Starting with a marketplace business, Tokopedia has now grown into a technology company with marketplace, fintech, payment, logistics, fulfilment and new retail businesses.

Tokopedia uses InfluxDB to handle real-time analytics operations, recording user behavior on their application. Every user action like clicking items, searching items, adding to wishlists, etc. are stored inside InfluxDB. Since the company has around 2 million active users each month, they need a technology that can handle that ingest. Later on, the app will fetch the analytical data and process it to determine which items to recommend to the users. This helps Tokopedia increase their sales since they can show users a list of items that interest them the most.

Because it’s an open-source project, has high ingestion, and can be easily integrated with monitoring tools such as Grafana, setting up InfluxDB is worth a try and has saved Tokopedia in the long run by reducing costs. The greatest thing about InfluxDB is that it’s an open-source project and actively maintained and improved by the community. Senior Software Engineer Rizal Gowandy likes that they can also contribute to help fix bugs instead of using non-open-source solutions such as Google BigQuery, which locks them to certain vendors, and the company cannot actively contribute to make the technology better.

Gowandy is excited to use InfluxDB on his projects not only because it’s open source and free, but also because it has ingestion high enough to handle real users’ data. Looking forward, Tokopedia is considering the InfluxDB Cloud Solution because of the compelling price point. It would reduce the cost of actually setting up and maintaining their InfluxDB instance.