Rethink your infrastructure monitoring

InfluxDB is easy to start and easy to scale; purpose-built and optimized for time to awesome to help you find and resolve issues quickly and proactively at less than half the cost of using Datadog.
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Unleash your developers with greater flexibility

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    Flexibility baked in

    InfluxDB is a system of insight for all infrastructure monitoring. Integrated plugins allow you to pull metrics from your system or third-party APIs, or even listen for metrics via StatsD and Kafka consumer services. And if that doesn’t work for you, you can easily build your own plugin to fit with your unique environment – we’ll never force you to pay extra for a custom plugin or adapt to fit with a monitoring tool.

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    Modernize your monitoring

    Included are InfluxDB Templates — a set of pre-made monitoring solutions that allow users to share their monitoring expertise with their coworkers and other community members around the world. InfluxDB Templates let you quickly define your entire monitoring configuration for any technology and are easily managed in GitHub and other popular repositories to fit with your process of sharing.

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    Zero blindspots

    InfluxDB’s open and extensible architecture can help enterprises burdened with maintaining legacy systems to discover and address errors in these systems in the same manner that they do with newer systems. Combine that with the ability to collect over 900 cloud and on-prem technologies — and your teams can avoid multiple point solutions for systems monitoring, application performance monitoring, and business process monitoring.

Engineer costs out of your infrastructure monitoring

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    Customers have made the switch

    Major Datadog customers have switched to InfluxDB to reduce their infrastructure monitoring bill by 70%. With no additional charge for monitoring custom metrics, containers, or functions, it is easy to know why customers have made the switch.

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    InfluxDB, Telegraf, and the InfluxDB Templates are built and supported by a vibrant global community of engineers who freely contribute their code, documentation, and expertise.

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    Time to awesome

    InfluxDB Cloud provides you with the fastest time to results. You can get up and running in minutes and easily scale your project as needed. It’s purpose-built and optimized for time to awesome. Powerful wizards walk you through the setup, and you’re connected with recommended dashboards for the most common use cases.

Free your data

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    Interoperability across solutions

    No monitoring platform is an island; it needs to interoperate with a broad set of solutions: visualization, alerting, Machine Learning and AI frameworks, other data sources, and more.

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    First-class integrations

    InfluxDB provides first-class integrations with Grafana for visualization; PagerDuty, Slack, and many other alerting tools; AWS Kinesis, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, and Azure Monitor, and Jupyter Notebooks for machine learning and AI-powered analysis; and 8 client libraries in the most popular languages.

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    Your data, your way

    InfluxDB is a high-performance data store written specifically for time series data. It allows for high throughput ingest, compression, and real-time querying. InfluxDB can handle millions of data points per second. Working with that much data over a long period can lead to an increased cost of storage. InfluxDB automatically compacts, compresses and downsamples your data keeping high-precision raw data for a limited time and storing the lower-precision, summarized data for much longer or until the end of time. This is the best way to balance costs without sacrificing visibility.


Featured customers:

Capital One

"InfluxDB is a high-speed read and write database. So think of it. The data is being written in real-time, you can read in real-time, and when you’re reading it, you can apply your machine learning model. So, in real-time, you can forecast, and you can detect anomalies."



"InfluxDB Cloud is providing improved visibility across areas where we previously couldn’t see, allowing us to proactively identify and fix issues before customers find them."

Coupa Software


"Previously, the only thing we could react to was customer complaints. With InfluxData, we can support our 99,999% service agreement proactively."

NewVoice Media

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