InfluxDB Virtual Roadshow

Get a deep-dive into InfluxDB from a product perspective and gain hands-on training from the people building InfluxDB – the engineers, product managers, field experts and members of the InfluxDB community.


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If you are a developer building applications with InfluxDB or looking to understand if InfluxDB is the right solution for you, this event is made for you!

InfluxDB Virtual Roadshow is two events:

June 21, 2022 | 8 am PT

InfluxDB Roadmap: What’s New and What’s Coming

Get a deep-dive into InfluxDB from a product perspective, looking at new capabilities shipped, and upcoming direction and product roadmap. The engineering teams have been busy working on a number of cool features that will make your InfluxDB apps better than ever. In this session, Balaji Palani, Senior Director of Product Management, will review the details behind some work that will boost query performance, a new way to act on data before it is stored, updates to Telegraf, support for Cloud-native ingest, an update on IOX and much much more! You don’t want to miss this! This is a 1-hour event featuring a technical demo and Q&A.

June 30, 2022 | 8 am PT

Building a Hybrid Architecture with InfluxDB

In this two-hour hands-on virtual training session, you will learn how to build an IoT application using InfluxDB and Telegraf while collecting data from edge devices using an MQTT broker. We will start by showing you how to set up an instance of InfluxDB and Telegraf on an edge device to ingest sensor data via an MQTT Broker. Then, to highlight our new edge replication feature, you will move on to downsampling the data to send on to an InfluxDB Cloud instance. Next, you will build notebooks that you can share with others as well as some checks and alerts and some interesting visualizations that show the power of geolocation and time series data. This is a 2-hour live training with an instructor.

Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of programming concepts such as using the command line.

It's free to register so save your spot today! (RSVP includes both events)

Virtual Roadshow attendees will:

  • Get a first look at what’s on the horizon for InfluxDB and learn about upcoming programs to help with application building.
  • Build an application with InfluxDB Cloud's new features and get your hands on all the basics, including querying, connecting to, storing, and analyzing data. Whether you are an advanced user or just getting started, our instructors will be there to help you along the way.
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