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AWS CloudWatch Output Telegraf Plugin

Amazon CloudWatch, also known as CloudWatch, is a service that Amazon Web Services uses in order to help customers monitor their applications and cloud resources running on AWS. Users can discover detailed insights from the metrics they receive.

Why use the AWS CloudWatch Output Telegraf plugin

The AWS CloudWatch Output Telegraf plugin will send all your metrics and events stored in InfluxDB to AWS CloudWatch. You can use InfluxDB to collect all your metrics by using the 200+ Telegraf plugins or any of your custom metrics using the client libraries. This will provide you with all the data you need to gain full insight into your entire stack. You can then send all these metrics to your central AWS CloudWatch instance to get that single pane of glass your teams need to keep your systems, applications, and networks performant.

How to use the Amazon CloudWatch Output Telegraf plugin

This plugin uses a credential chain for Authentication with the CloudWatch API endpoint. For this output plugin to function correctly, the following variables must be configured: region (the Amazon region that you wish to connect to) and namespace (the namespace used for AWS CloudWatch metrics). By correctly configuring these variables, AWS CloudWatch will receive metrics and gather insights from that point.

For more information, please check out the documentation.

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