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HAProxy, otherwise known as High Availability Proxy, is a solution used for the purposes of load balancing in the cloud.

Load balancing servers are also commonly referred to as front-end servers. They're designed to direct users to application servers as they become available. In some situations, a load balancing server may only have HAProxy installed. In other instances, there may be an application server present in addition to a load balancer. This is not a common scenario, however, as it is not a recommended configuration by experts.

Every load balancing server will always have its own public IP address, though it will also share the same fully qualified domain name as all other load balancing servers in an environment.

HAProxy can be used in a wide range of contexts, including with both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

Why use the HAProxy Telegraf Plugin?

HAProxy comes with notable features, including but not limited to TCP and HTTP load balancing, URL rewriting, rate limiting, proxy protocol support, multithreading, API support, simplified circuit breaking, and more.

The HAProxy Telegraf Plugin, by extension, is intended to gather important metrics using the stats socket or HTTP statistics page of your HAProxy server. These metrics are designed to give you as much actionable information to work from at all times, so that you can meaningfully improve the performance of your web applications and create the best experience possible for end users.

Note that it is equally important to pay close attention to those metrics that give you visibility into HAProxy's performance. The types of insights gathered by the HAProxy Telegraf Plugin will help you detect and resolve issues proactively. This will help guarantee the overall health of your HAProxy instance - all while ensuring the performance and the reliability of your server environment as well. This also helps you visualize all important metrics in a way that makes them easy for everyone to understand.

How to use the HAProxy Telegraf Plugin

The following information may be useful when getting started, but please consult the HAProxy documentation for complete and up-to-date instructions.

The stats enable option can be used to add unauthenticated access over HTTP using the default settings. To enable the unix socket, begin by reading about the stats socket option.

Key HAProxy Metrics to use for monitoring

Some of the important HAProxy metrics that you should proactively monitor include:

  • server - address of the server data was gathered from
  • proxy - proxy name
  • sv - service name
  • type - proxy session type
  • status (string)
  • check_status (string)
  • last_chk (string)
  • mode (string)
  • tracked (string)
  • agent_status (string)
  • last_agt (string)
  • addr (string)
  • cookie (string)
  • lastsess (int)
For more information, please check out the documentation.

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