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Icinga is a monitoring solution that tracks the availability and utilization of everything you have in your infrastructure. It includes a dynamic configuration language that allows you to create rules to quickly manage your infrastructure. Icinga also integrates with log management tools like Elasticsearch and Graylog, and integrations with InfluxDB.

Why use the Icinga 2 Telegraf Plugin?

Icinga collects information from your network resources, applications, databases, or custom applications and identifies the state and utilization of these things in Icinga. At the same time, Icinga collects the metrics for these items and stores these metrics in InfluxDB.

How to monitor Icinga 2 using the Telegraf plugin

This Icinga 2 Telegraf Plugin gathers running services' and hosts' status using the Icinga 2 Remote API. You can read Icinga 2's documentation for their remote API here.

Configuring the Icinga 2 plugin requires setting the server address, the object type (services or hosts), credentials, timeouts, and optional TLS configurations.

Key Icinga 2 metrics to use for monitoring

Some of the important Icinga 2 metrics that you should proactively monitor include:

  • check_command - The short name of the check command
  • display_name - The name of the service or host
  • state - The state: UP/DOWN for hosts, OK/WARNING/CRITICAL/UNKNOWN for services
  • source - The icinga2 host
  • port - The icinga2 port
  • scheme - The icinga2 protocol (http/https)
  • server - The server the check_command is running for
For more information, please check out the documentation.

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