Mcrouter (pronounced mc router) is a memcached protocol router for scaling memcached deployments. It's a component of the cache infrastructure at Facebook and Instagram and is a tool in the Memcached stack.

Why use a Telegraf plugin for Mcrouter?

The Mcrouter Input Plugin gathers statistics data from a mcrouter instance to help you ensure the uptime and performance of your infrastructure.

How to use the Mcrouter Telegraf Plugin

You can configure the Mcrouter Telegraf Plugin to gather metrics from one or many mcrouter servers. You can also set a timeout for the metric collection.

Key Mcrouter metrics to use for monitoring

Some of the important Mcrouter metrics that you should proactively monitor include:

  • uptime
  • num_servers
  • num_servers_new
  • num_servers_up
  • num_servers_down
  • num_servers_closed
  • num_clients
  • num_suspect_servers
  • destination_batches_sum
  • destination_requests_sum
  • outstanding_route_get_reqs_queued
  • outstanding_route_update_reqs_queued
  • outstanding_route_get_avg_queue_size
  • outstanding_route_update_avg_queue_size
  • outstanding_route_get_avg_wait_time_sec
  • outstanding_route_update_avg_wait_time_sec
  • retrans_closed_connections
  • destination_pending_reqs
  • destination_inflight_reqs
  • destination_batch_size
  • asynclog_requests
  • proxy_reqs_processing
  • proxy_reqs_waiting
  • client_queue_notify_period
  • rusage_system
  • rusage_user
  • ps_num_minor_faults
  • ps_num_major_faults
  • ps_user_time_sec
  • ps_system_time_sec
  • ps_vsize
  • ps_rss
  • fibers_allocated
  • fibers_pool_size
  • fibers_stack_high_watermark
  • successful_client_connections
  • duration_us
  • destination_max_pending_reqs
  • destination_max_inflight_reqs
  • retrans_per_kbyte_max
  • cmd_get_count
  • cmd_delete_out
  • cmd_lease_get
  • cmd_set
  • cmd_get_out_all
  • cmd_get_out
  • cmd_lease_set_count
  • cmd_other_out_all
  • cmd_lease_get_out
  • cmd_set_count
  • cmd_lease_set_out
  • cmd_delete_count
  • cmd_other
  • cmd_delete
  • cmd_get
  • cmd_lease_set
  • cmd_set_out
  • cmd_lease_get_count
  • cmd_other_out
  • cmd_lease_get_out_all
  • cmd_set_out_all
  • cmd_other_count
  • cmd_delete_out_all
  • cmd_lease_set_out_all

For more information, please check out the documentation.

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