Sysstat Performance Monitoring

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Sysstat is a Linux package that includes utilities and tools to monitor system performance and usage activity, and other tools that collect and historicize performance and usage data.

Why use the sysstat Telegraf plugin?

The Sysstat Telegraf Plugin collects metrics from the sysstat set of system performance tools.

Monitoring system performance helps identify the root cause of performance degradation. This data can help resolve performance issues, proactively monitor hardware, and contribute to detailed real-time reports on utilization, traffic, and various interface parameters.

Combining sysstat metrics with Telegraf plugins such as Disk and Disk I/O, Mem Telegraf Input, PF, and SNMP provides a broader view into overall system performance (e.g., memory, storage, network connectivity, etc.). Historicizing performance and usage data can help with performance modeling and prediction.

How to monitor sysstat using the Telegraf plugin

You can configure the sysstat package to monitor a wide range of different processes and activities. List the processes you want to monitor in the plugin configuration file. You can also configure how to group the various measurements in the config file.

Key sysstat monitoring metrics to monitor

Sysstat can monitor a wide range of processes and activities, so the key metrics to monitor depend on how you configure sysstat. Some of the most important sysstat monitoring metrics include:

  • cpu
  • paging
  • io
  • disk
  • network
  • per_cpu
  • queue
  • mem
  • mem_util
  • swap_util
  • cpu_util
  • inode
  • swap
  • task
For more information, please check out the documentation.

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