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Sensors inside computers monitor temperature to prevent overheating. The Telegraf Temp Input Plugin retrieves those temperature values so you can send them to InfluxDB or another endpoint for analysis. This plugin currently supports Windows and Linux systems.

Why use a Telegraf plugin for temperature?

Monitoring your computer’s temperature lets you proactively prevent overheating. This can be a good thing to do if you’re running software on your computer that strains the limits of your system’s CPU. If you have temperature data regularly coming in, you can even set alerts when it goes above a specified threshold, so you can quit out of applications before your computer overheats and shuts down.

How to monitor temperature using the Telegraf plugin

This plugin is simple to use and requires no configuration. On Windows machines it uses a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) call, which can be replicated with the command

wmic /namespace:\rootwmi PATH MSAcpi_ThermalZoneTemperature
if you run into problems and need to troubleshoot.

Key Temp metrics to use for monitoring

Some of the important Temp metrics that you should proactively monitor include:

  • temp
    • tags:
      • sensor
    • fields:
      • temp (float, celcius)
For more information, please check out the documentation.

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