VictorOps Incident Management Monitoring

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VictorOps is purpose-built for teams powering the evolution of software. With on-call basics, cross-team collaboration and streamlined observability, VictorOps champions the engineers powering both innovation and uptime.

End-to-End Visibility with Fast Time to Resolution

Send Kapacitor alerts to VictorOps for proper routing and escalation to get the issue resolved and to reduce time to resolution. Kapacitor is an open source data processing framework that makes it easy to create alerts, run ETL jobs and detect anomalies. The Kapacitor and VictorOps integration allows teams to:

  • Collect and use metrics and events data to identify and analyze potential issues
  • Set up automatic escalation of alerts
  • Schedule on-call duty for IT, Ops, or dev teams

Through Kapacitor and VictorOps, you can manage incident tools, communication, and data. The VictorOps and Kapacitor integration turns system and application data into actionable insights and creates collaborative monitoring and alerting processes for incident detection and resolution.

VictorOps Basics

VictorOps’ DevOps team and scheduling management reduce down time and headaches:

  • VictorOps eliminates the need for spreadsheets, for phone trees, or confusion about who’s on-call.
  • VictorOps’ unique, customizable policies allow you to ensure that critical alerts never go unanswered.

For more information, please check out the documentation.

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