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InfluxData & PTC working to accelerate IIoT solution development

InfluxData’s collaboration with PTC is designed to help companies accelerate the development of Industrial IoT solutions. InfluxDB Cloud is therefore fully embedded as core infrastructure within PTC Cloud for a seamless customer experience, when PTC is delivering ThingWorx as a managed cloud service.

Embedding InfluxDB Cloud into ThingWorx enables customers to generate data insights from tens of thousands of internet-connected devices and sensors, each with a multitude of measurements, and generating hundreds of thousands of writes per second.

We believe that speed of development and deployment will be critical in rolling out new IIoT solutions. By embedding InfluxDB into ThingWorx, InfluxData and PTC aim to simplify and accelerate developers’ ability to collect, process, store and analyze even larger time series data workloads in multiple areas of their IIoT deployment.

Chris Baldwin, Vice President of ThingWorx Product Management at PTC

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PTC ThingWorx

PTC recommends using InfluxDB as the persistence provider in ThingWorx if your system intensively deals with time series data and your implementation heavily depends on value streams or streams for persistence/retrieval of data. According to some PTC customers, InfluxDB makes Thingworx “at least twice as fast with greater improvements in some cases” relative to previous configurations.

ThingWorx by PTC was awarded the 2021 Built on InfluxDB Award for Best Integration.

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ThingWorx Kepware

ThingWorx Kepware is a leading OPC server and gateway application, connecting legacy industrial assets with applications, databases, and cloud services in a powerful peer-to-peer manner. It provides an extensible, interoperable network through which sensor, actuator, and other operational data from the plant or factory can be shared in real time.

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