Built on InfluxDB Award Winners 2021 Announced

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We’ve just wrapped up InfluxDays EMEA 2021 as a virtual experience and while we can’t wait to be back with our community in person, this year’s event had some great highlights. The InfluxData engineering team shared technical insights, best practices and even glimpses into the future of InfluxDB and the new storage engine InfluxDB IOX. Attendees also heard inspiring use cases from users and partners and got a chance to test their skills during the InfluxDays Challenge.

One thing that set this year’s event apart was the introduction of the inaugural Built on InfluxDB Awards and the announcement of the 2021 winners. At InfluxData, we’re incredibly fortunate to have such a vibrant user community that consistently amazes us with new applications, solutions and technologies built on InfluxDB. Built on InfluxDB is a digital program that showcases use cases and applications powered by InfluxData technologies to help inspire the next generation of time series solutions.

The Built on InfluxDB awards aim to recognize the best applications and solutions built with InfluxDB in the following categories:

  • Best Integration — In recognition of an outstanding third-party solution that connects data to InfluxDB.
  • Best Visualization — In recognition of the best visualization that uses InfluxDB as the data source.
  • Best Application — In recognition of the best application built on InfluxDB for commercial, hobby or social good.

These awards will become an ongoing part of InfluxDays EMEA event to complement the InfluxDays Community Awards that are awarded at InfluxDays North America to individuals who have made a positive impact in the InfluxData open source community. Nominations are now open for the 2021 InfluxDays Community Award, so submit your nomination today.

Best Integration Award winner

InfluxData is pleased to recognize ThingWorx by PTC as the recipient of the 2021 Built on InfluxDB Award for Best Integration.

Thingwarks logo

ThingWorx, PTC’s industry-leading IoT platform, is purpose-built for the Industrial Internet of Things. It provides end-to-end capabilities to connect devices, build robust IoT solutions and drive the future of industrial innovation and productivity. PTC has integrated its IoT platform with InfluxDB as the data persistence provider for time series data and recommends it to their users as the preferred solution for optimal performance at scale. As the partnership with InfluxData has grown, PTC has also embedded InfluxDB Cloud into their ThingWorx Cloud offering, making it the de facto choice for time series data storage.

"Through PTC's partnership with InfluxData, the combined strengths of InfluxDB and ThingWorx can unleash the scalability of your Industrial IoT solutions as the number of connected devices, volume of streaming data, complexity of application logic and frequency of user interactions all continue to grow." – Mike Jasperson, Vice President – IoT Enterprise Deployment Center at PTC

Best Visualization Award winner

InfluxData is pleased to recognize MoxieWORLD iOS app by MOXIE IoT as the recipient of the 2021 Built on InfluxDB Award for Best Visualization.

MoxieWORLD logo

MoxieWORLD provides manufacturing companies with a single source of truth and allows them to visualize and analyze industrial factory data from overhead cranes, forklifts, pallets, and other assets in real time. MOXIE IoT’s mobile application stores sensor data in InfluxDB and allows their clients to visualize their factories in 3D by showing charts and map overlay traces colored by speed, hours of usage, direction of movement to allow teams to improve safety, reduce downtime and perform predictive maintenance.

"Thanks to Caitlin and everyone at InfluxData. We've had nothing but smooth sailing with our backend since we moved our IoT data to their system." - MoxieWorld Team

Best Application Award winner

InfluxData is pleased to recognize Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time by the Vera C. Rubin Observatory as the recipient of the 2021 Built on InfluxDB Award for Best Application.

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory is on a mission to build a well-understood system that provides a vast astronomical dataset for unprecedented discovery of the dynamic universe. The project’s goal is to conduct a 10-year survey of the sky that will deliver a 500-petabyte set of time-stamped images and data products that will address some of the most pressing questions about the structure and evolution of the universe and the objects in it.

The team is creating a modern observatory including a telescope, camera, and software to control the telescope. To help handle their massive volumes of astronomical and engineering related data, the team chose to build on InfluxDB. Access to this data in InfluxDB is critical to understand how the different parts of the telescope and the observatory are functioning and whether software algorithms are performing as expected.

"Building our applications with InfluxDB has been a wonderful developer experience, the InfluxData team has been very approachable and the final system has been a robust and performant service to help our astronomical observatory carry out its scientific mission, even deployed at 9,000ft of altitude in a remote location on the Chilean Andes." - Frossie Economou, Technical Manager for Data Management, Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Get involved

On behalf of the whole InfluxData team, we send our biggest congratulations to all of this year’s winners! We invite you to join the Built on InfluxDB program to share your InfluxDB projects and solutions and don’t forget to nominate an outstanding InfluxData community member (or yourself) for our fall awards. If you missed the Built on InfluxDB Award presentation at InfluxDays you can catch the full replay of Michael Hall’s Community Update or any other InfluxDays EMEA 2021 sessions you might have missed.