Product and Support Subscriptions

Uno Kilowatt Megawatt Gigawatt
Price $199/mo
Billed Annually
Billed Annually
Billed Annually
# of InfluxDB Servers
Data Nodes
1 2 2 3 4 2/3/4/6
# of Cores
Per Data Node Server
Max 4 Max 2 4 8+
InfluxEnterprise Features
Database Config + Mgmt.
Database Monitoring
Backup + Recovery
Retention Policy Mgmt.
Query Mgmt.
Shard Mgmt.
Cluster Mgmt.
Cluster Rebalancing
Cluster Monitoring
Role Based Access Control (5 Users max) (Unlimited)
Data Explorer (1 User) (1 User) (5 Users max) (Unlimited)
Query Editor + Graph Visualizer (1 User) (1 User) (5 Users max) (Unlimited)
Support Levels
Coverage 8AM-8PM 8AM-8PM 8AM-8PM 24/7
Response Time Best Effort 24hrs 24hrs 4hrs
Max Incidents / Year Unlimited 12 Unlimited Unlimited
Named Contacts 1 3 5


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Fully-managed InfluxDB Clusters + Grafana on AWS

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Developer Support

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Professional support to get started with the TICK stack

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Training Courses

Intro to InfluxDB

Students will understand the basics of time-series data, how to write data to and query data from InfluxDB, and how to construct their own queries. This course is good for anyone working with InfluxDB and is a prerequisite for the other courses.

Data Administration

Students will understand the basics of schema and query design, including how to address some query performance issues. The course also covers InfluxDB’s automatic downsampling, retention, and data expiry features. This course is appropriate for those responsible for curating your time series data.

Cluster Administration

Students will learn how to install, configure, maintain, extend, and troubleshoot an InfluxDB cluster. Topics include moving bulk data within the cluster, performing backups and restores, recovering from the temporary or permanent loss of a node, and user authorization and administration.

Professional Services

Schema Consultation

Although InfluxDB does not require a pre-defined schema, the right choices early on lead to better performance, reliability, and scalability over time. InfluxData will look at the flow of your data and the most important questions you want to ask to help you arrive at the right schema for your use case.

Quick Start

Installation and configuration of an InfluxDB cluster. Whether you are launching in your own data center or on a managed hosting provider, InfluxData will help you configure your data sources and your InfluxDB cluster for the appropriate throughput, reliability, and redundancy.

Health Check

InfluxData reviews a checklist of items to ensure your cluster is operating at best efficiency, and to identify potential future problems for early mitigation.