InfluxDB Cloud on Azure

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Access the most powerful time series database as a service — free to start, easy to use, fast, serverless, with elastic scalability on Microsoft Azure!

Why use InfluxDB Cloud on Azure?

InfluxData and Azure are working to simplify the developer experience for time series data by making it easier to discover, register and deploy.


Performance matters

To stay competitive, your applications, micrososervices, IoT backends, and cloud infrastructure need to be fast and reliable. This requires real-time visibility into the Azure services that power your applications. This also requires a rapid data ingestion rate — up to millions of metrics per second — and highly efficient compression, query, downsampling and eviction functions.

Architect your way

Your solutions are unique, and so are their requirements. Regulatory, latency or budgetary reasons drive your need to deploy to the edge, in Azure, or even on-premises. Your architectural decisions on where you collect, analyze, and visualize your data give you a competitive advantage. Whatever the reason, deployment flexibility is key and available with InfluxDB.

Open Source matters

The data you collect belongs to you. Brought together, it provides important insights to enable real-time action. 220+ open-source Telegraf plugins let you bring data from legacy and modern systems. A vibrant open source community, powerful client libraries, and support for third party projects empower you to transform, visualize, or apply ML analytics on your data under your terms.

Key features


Real-time monitoring

Telegraf’s 300+ plugin-driven server agents and InfluxDB’s high ingestion capabilities mean that your teams will know about any issues sooner — making it easier to meet your service level objectives (SLOs).

Flexible monitoring

Every dashboard and every check in InfluxDB has a Flux script behind it that can have multiple queries, joins across datasources, variables, comparisons, regular expressions, and statistical functions. Resulting in unlimited flexibility to finetune your monitoring to your needs.


InfluxDB Cloud includes way more than you find in the open source – it is an elastic time series database as a service.

InfluxDB Cloud Services

Built from an open source core, InfluxDB Cloud is a serverless elastic scale database as a service that is maintained and administered by the experts at InfluxData. InfluxDB-Cloud-Services-Diagram

Elastic Services

InfluxDB Cloud is built as a cloud-native, multi-tenant, elastic scale, serverless platform. Each service can scale independently based on workload and usage requirements. This all happens behind the scenes from the user. Need more storage? It’s there — no need to procure more or use a bigger machine. Need more compute power to perform complex analytical functions in Flux? No problem — we elastically scale up to meet that demand with zero human intervention. The same is true for all the services you might need — compute, query, read, write, store, visualize, alert, notify, trigger, to name just a few.

Platform Services

InfluxDB Cloud is run by the experts and creators of InfluxDB. Dedicated engineers have done all the heavy lifting to ensure that the InfluxDB Cloud service is available when you need it. It is secure and hardened with all the latest security features and patches installed and configured; it is optimized for elastic scalability; clusters are rebalanced; sharding is taken care of; and replication factors are built-in. Basically, all the complexity of running a time series database is done for you. The whole infrastructure is monitored and controlled enabling you to have the peace of mind to get your real work done.

Access Control

Built with your success in mind, InfluxDB Cloud provides a comprehensive set of user provisioning and access control features allowing you to selectively share dashboards, tasks, queries and provide view-only or edit-access permissions to each user. With full user lifecycle management and granular role-based access control, you have the power to share what you like and collaborate with other power users on new functionality.

Support Services

Designed to optimize the time to awesome, InfluxDB Cloud is also supported by the dedicated team at InfluxData. With flexible support pricing and options, you can choose from Slack and forum-based community support all the way up to having a dedicated customer success manager to help you deliver exceptional results to your organization.



InfluxDB Cloud was architected to run on any cloud – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. Designed for ultimate flexibility to prevent lock-in, you get to choose both the cloud provider and location of the infrastructure. InfluxDB Cloud currently runs on AWS US-West-2 (Oregon) and EU-Central-1 (Frankfurt), on Google Cloud US-Central (Iowa) and on Microsoft Azure in the EU-West-1 (Netherlands) and US-East (Virginia) regions. Vote for which region and service you want us to run on next by registering your intent here.

Interoperability across systems

With a powerful set of ingestion agents, client libraries and APIs you can get data from everywhere.

Works in your environment



InfluxDB Cloud uses Telegraf for both collecting and sending metrics and events from databases, applications, systems and IoT sensors. Telegraf is a plugin-driven server agent with over 200 plugins. It is written in Go and compiles into a single binary with no external dependencies, and requires a very minimal memory footprint.


Client Libraries

InfluxDB Cloud can be accessed via a set of powerful client libraries. Currently, there are client libraries for C#, Go, Java, Python, and JavaScript with more on the way. These client libraries are easily accessible in a new tab in the UI.



InfluxDB Cloud can be accessed programmatically through a robust set of APIs. These APIs are common across InfluxDB open source and InfluxDB Cloud allowing the developer to write code once and run it either locally against an open source version of the database or against the elastic database as a service — InfluxDB Cloud.