Why use InfluxDB Edge Data Replication?

Running a full-fledged instance of InfluxDB at the edge means users working at the edge can do more locally. It allows them to collect, process, transform, and analyze high-precision data for local use, in real time. Replicating that data to the cloud enables users to aggregate and store data for long-term management and analysis, and to satisfy regulations.



No need to write complex code or manage separate systems. Edge Data Replication starts with a simple configuration and then sends the data you specify to the cloud automatically.


Edge Data Replication utilizes a durable on-disk queuing system that continues to function through connectivity errors or outages.


Use the same data, or a subset of it, at edge and in the cloud for different purposes. Edge Data Replication ensures the right data gets where it needs to go.

Key capabilities

Defining the Edge with InfluxDB

Video: Defining the Edge with InfluxDB

InfluxDB Edge Replication overview

1. InfluxDB OSS
InfluxDB is the open source, community-supported, time series database. As a single-node, it is easy to deploy on the edge, locally on a laptop, or on a server for development. Run InfluxDB OSS on the edge to get the full capabilities of InfluxDB right at the source so you can get the insights you need from your data, in real time, with lower latency, right at the edge.
2. InfluxDB Cloud
InfluxDB Cloud proves a secure, fully-managed, high availability solution for centralizing and aggregating data from the edge. Build a global view of all your edge activity, create custom dashboards and analysis about your distributed network, and preserve historical data for modeling and prediction.
3. Ecosystem
The InfluxDB platform provides an entire ecosystem for managing time series data. It offers: multiple versions of InfluxDB that you can deploy in the way that meets your needs best; a range of data ingestion options, from Telegraf, to client libraries, to native integrations with external platforms and ecosystems; a common API across the entire platform. Create something awesome, fast with InfluxDB.
4. Flux
Flux is InfluxDB’s native scripting and query language. It works across the entire platform, and allows you to slice-and-dice time series data. Flux is easy to learn and highly productive, with great readability. Flux has a command line interface and a web-based UI for point-and-click scripts.

Edge Data Replication to Cloud using InfluxDB

Video: Edge Data Replication to Cloud using InfluxDB


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