InfluxQL for InfluxDB

The InfluxDB SQL-like query language for working with data in InfluxDB.

Why use InfluxQL?

InfluxQL has a SQL-like query language that makes it easy to get started with your InfluxDB instance.


InfluxQL in InfluxDB Cloud and InfluxDB OSS

InfluxQL Features

Data and Schema Exploration

Easily look under the cover of your InfluxDB instance to understand your data and schema.

Uncomplicated Database Management

Create and drop databases, retention policies or delete and drop data.

InfluxQL functions

Aggregate, select, transform, and predict data with InfluxQL functions.

InfluxQL Continuous Queries

Queries that run automatically and periodically on real-time data.

Mathamatical Operators

A list of mathematical operators to help transform your time series data.


Query data with InfluxQL

Documentation about InfluxQL, the InfluxDB SQL-like query language for working with data in InfluxDB databases.

How to Build Grafana Dashboards with InfluxDB, Flux and InfluxQL.

Learn how to use Flux language to build Grafana dashboards backed by InfluxDB.

TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips: Converting InfluxQL Queries to Flux Queries.

Learn how to convert common InfluxQL queries into Flux and identify patterns between the two languages.


Developer Education

Free training for time series app developers.



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