InfluxData Support

Support from InfluxData, the maker of InfluxDB and Flux.

InfluxData offers a full range of Support options across our product portfolio, each with different capabilities and service levels. Get self-service help and advice from the community or engage directly with the experts at InfluxData for general guidance, best practices or should you encounter an issue.

Open Source

Community forum
InfluxData Help Desk Support (business hours) Optional
$4,950/yr for one named user

InfluxDB Cloud

Free Plan Usage-Based Plan Annual Plans
Community forum
Cloud infrastructure monitored 24x7 (*)
InfluxData Help Desk Support (**) (business hours) Not available Optional
Greater of $79/month OR 5% of monthly usage
InfluxData Help Desk Support (**) (24x7) Not available Not available Contact Sales

(*) does not include support for questions about using, optimizing, or troubleshooting InfluxDB itself
(**) provides access to support engineers to help troubleshoot issues and answer questions about using and optimizing InfluxDB

InfluxDB Enterprise

Gold Platinum
Community forum
InfluxData Help Desk Support Business Hours 24x7

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