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How Factry’s Industrial Historian Solution Helps A&S Energie Generate Electricity Efficiently

In this webinar, Frederik Van Leeckwyck, the Business Development Manager at Factry.IO will share how their Industrial Historian solution, Factry Historian, helps their customer, A&S Energie, achieve greater efficiencies with their energy generation. A&S Energie is a Belgian biomass plant that supplies electricity to households by burning non-recyclable wood. They replaced their existing Industrial Historian solution with the Factry Historian which allowed A&S Energie to increase the use of the process data to make their staff more efficient as well as find failures faster.

The Factry solution collects and processes data from industria systems and stores it in InfluxDB, And in addition to sharing how well A&S Energie is able to manage their plant, Frederick will also review the challenges and pitfalls specific to time-series data in industrial settings as well as how they were successfully able to migrate from an existing process historian to Factry’s Historian, powered by open source InfluxDB.

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