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Ryan Betts

Why I Joined InfluxData - Ryan Betts

Ever take a long break and think about changing careers or industries only to realize that you still absolutely love building high-performance databases? I did, and I’m thrilled to have recently joined InfluxData to continue that path. I took seven months...

Jack Zampolin

tick-charts Update

This is an update to an earlier blog post I did on tick-charts, the project to make the InfluxData stack as easy to run on Kubernetes as possible. While developing the project I’ve learned that some of the original implementation decisions...

Jade McGough

The Case of The Enigmatic Enumerable Module

As it sometimes happens, the problem started with updating a Ruby gem. Dawn had been working for for the past year, developing a localized social network app for dogs, which made heavy use of social media APIs. Their Facetwit gem’s...

Tim Hall

Bugs, Open Source Software and the Cloud

Yesterday, we announced that InfluxDB Cloud, our managed database as a service offering, has been upgraded to use the latest InfluxDB Enterprise version 1.2.2 (also released yesterday). As prospects register for trials and new customers sign-up, all new instances of InfluxDB...

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