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BAI Communications

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BAI Communications is a world leader in shared communications infrastructure, pioneering the future of advanced connectivity, and delivering the ubiquitous coverage that can transform lives, power business ambitions, and shape the future of our cities. The company focuses on three key verticals: broadcast, neutral host and 5G, and transit. It seeks to enrich lives by connecting communities and advancing economies.

BAI Communications provides the infrastructure for T-Connect, the wireless network used by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). For rail operators, platform overcrowding is a safety issue. BAI wanted to find a way to leverage their current infrastructure (Wi-Fi routers) to identify platform overcrowding so rail operators could take mitigating action. BAI designed an innovative and cost-effective solution that uses WiFi data and InfluxDB to produce real-time observability of passenger volume for the entire Toronto subway system.

InfluxDays presentation

BAI Communications presented at InfluxDays London 2020. In this talk, Jeremy Foran discusses how they use InfluxDB to monitor the WiFi networks within public transit systems. By using InfluxDB, they are able to alert rail operators when platforms reach dangerous levels in real time.

Monitoring 75 rail stations

To gain real-time visibility into public transit WiFi network traffic

72 km +

Amount of fiber with over 1,000 access points, three data centers and hundreds of servers

Improving public safety

Addressing station overcrowding and enriching rider safety

Technologies Used

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“We leveraged existing wireless infrastructure to deliver this value add, and InfluxDB enabled us to quickly and effectively develop our [rail] platform overcrowding solution.”

- Jeremy Foran, Head of Data Analytics, BAI Communications

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