Worldsensing is a widely recognized global IoT pioneer. It provides customers with the tools to make the right operational decisions based on real-time intelligence. Its insights enable operators to understand the performance of distributed infrastructure, make predictions, improve efficiency and prevent disasters.

Worldsensing needed to build a real-time platform that would integrate data from all its products to deliver Connected Operational Intelligence to cities and traditional industries and enable them to act in real time and predict anomalies.

Using InfluxDB, the Worldsensing engineering team built OneMind, an end-to-end IoT solution: for traffic flow management, smart parking, emergency & security response, and critical infrastructure monitoring. OneMind is an integrated real-time platform featuring data science and a variety of data sources including InfluxDB, a time-series database to store a city’s critical IoT time-series data.

Worldsensing uses InfluxDB to collect and store sensor readings from traffic light controllers, smart parking meters, and other geotechnical sensors. The TICK Stack is also used for infrastructure monitoring as well as prototypes and innovation projects. Since OneMind requires real-time data analysis for distinct use cases, Worldsensing also tested the TICK Stack for generic time series data, alerts, aggregations, and anomaly detection. Through OneMind platform, Worldsensing is building solutions for its customers that make cities smarter and safer.

InfluxDays presentation

Worldsensing presented at InfluxDays London 2019. In this talk, Albert Zaragoza, Fuad Mimoun and Daniel Lázaro shared how their team built an end-to-end IoT solution for cities – from traffic flow management and smart parking to emergency & security response and critical infrastructure monitoring. They demonstrated how they use Flux to pull together lots of data sources into their real-time platform to provide alerts to the many constituents of the data.