Coupa Software needed to create a custom DevOps Monitoring solution to support their 100% uptime goal for their leading spend management cloud platform, to gain visibility into performance, and to deliver on their promise for value-as-a-service to their growing global customer base. Maintaining a highly available, secure and scalable service was critical for Coupa to remain a leader in its category, particularly since enterprises are increasingly seeking Procure-to-Pay platforms that enable employees to buy what they need quickly, cost-effectively and securely. Coupa uses InfluxData to derive operational metrics of its spend management platform and benefits from the entire InfluxDB Enterprise (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Kapacitor, Chronograf) to unify and streamline its enhanced monitoring framework.

The result: Coupa’s best practices of using InfluxData helped it achieve a consistent track record of delivering close to 100% uptime SLA across 13 major product releases and 5 major product module offerings, as well as solving Coupa’s data accessibility, aggregation, and retention challenges.

Operational metrics are collected via Telegraf, stored in InfluxDB, and analyzed by Kapacitor. Coupa uses Grafana for visualization and has created a custom alerting framework. This has become the foundation to the path of building a system that is self-healing and can provide predictive analytics key to accurate forecasting.

InfluxDays presentation

Coupa presented at InfluxDays San Francisco 2018. In this talk, they provided an overview of their cloud operations and how InfluxDB plays a role within the organization. Sanket Naik provided InfluxDB best practices which enabled them to deliver close to 100% uptime SLA.