Purpose-built for the cloud, Coupa delivers the only spend management platform that unifies business processes across all the ways employees spend money. Their consumerized financial applications digitize spending across travel and expense management, procurement, and invoicing. All surrounded by their Open Business Network™ that has connected more than 2 million suppliers worldwide.

Customer Success Story: Coupa

Coupa’s executive team wanted to build a company culture of gathering data from all reaches of their business to help maintain their #1 company core value of Ensuring Customer Success. When they reviewed their existing monitoring approach, they realized that their existing solution had some severe limitations:

  • Multiple disparate systems
  • Limited ability to create aggregate visualizations
  • Restrictive data retention policies
  • Data was locked in SaaS data stores and not easily accessible for data analysis
  • Wanted to collect as much metrics as possible to support all teams (not just operations) within Coupa
  • Manual capacity & forecast planning

With these limitations in mind, Coupa need to find a better solution to monitor their cloud platform and help them fulfill their roadmap for a self healing solution.

All metrics are collected via Kafka, and Kafka’s data is then stored in InfluxDB for further analysis, visualization and monitoring. They use Grafana for visualization and have created a custom alerting framework.

Why InfluxData? “InfluxDB is the most powerful technology to fit the moment. We can store a lot of metrics and manipulate them in real time.”

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