BillFront is a financial technology platform that provides liquidity solutions to the digital industry. Their proprietary technology dynamically assesses their clients’ creditworthiness based on 100+ data variables. BillFront helps its clients such as ad networks, publishers and app developers accelerate their growth with a quick alternative solution to traditional financing.

BillFront already had a running Riemann ( instance that received monitoring data from all of their apps and services, and it proved to be incredibly useful, providing a real-time overview of their infrastructure. However, they also wanted to have an overview of how well all the elements are performing in comparison to historical data, to spot any possible deteriorations as quickly as possible. To do so, they needed to store the data Riemann was receiving. Enter InfluxDB - not only was it made especially for that exact purpose, but it also integrated with Riemann out-of-the-box. A couple of lines of config code later and their data was already safely stored in a Dockerized InfluxDB instance, ready to be queried and graphed.