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CrossEngage success story

CrossEngage enables you to orchestrate your marketing activities across all channels and devices within a single platform. All of your data silos are merged into one easy-to-use marketing powerhouse. You will create smart segmentations, cross-channel one-to-one campaigns, complex reactivation cycles and so much more in no time.

CrossEngage uses InfluxData to monitor their application performance. InfluxDB enables CrossEngage to keep metrics from all the services they use internally to keep their product running. InfluxDB has proven to be a powerful time series database and at the same time very easy to use. Thanks to InfluxData, CrossEngage can ensure that their customers’ SLAs are met.

Reduced corporate silos

Streamlined marketing activities across all channels and devices within a single platform

Gained observability

Better application performance monitoring

Met SLA’s

Reduced product downtime and improved customer experience

Technologies Used

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Adobe uses InfluxDB as the database for SharePoint microservices, as it is highly scalable and reliable.

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IBM uses InfluxDB to monitor its attack vector solution and to improve performance testing and benchmarking.



PayPal uses InfluxDB as its scalable end-to-end monitoring solution and to power its ML models.

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