Spiio provides a sensor and software solution for remote monitoring of vertical living green walls and high value green plant installations. The service enables horticulture professionals to cut maintenance cost drastically by making better irrigation decisions and ensuring full digital control of millions of plants.

Customer Success Story: Spiio

Green wall installations are becoming very popular in corporate offices and big buildings around the world, but maintaining them in a city is a complex problem — that’s why Spiio uses sensors to understand plant performance from data. As part of its IoT platform, Spiio chose InfluxData because it is open source with a promising future, has a simple to use query language, InfluxQL, and enabled them to use their own technology.

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The Challenge

Spiio’s need to understand plant performance from data analytics has taken it a long way from its early stages of testing with hydroponics. When work started on their 2nd generation monitoring solution, they explored several IoT platforms (such as AWS Greengrass, Azure IOT, IBM Bluemix), database technologies (such as MySQL, Cassandra, Elasticsearch) and time series databases (such as OpenTSDB). However, these solutions did not meet their real-time monitoring and analytics needs.

The Result

Spiio now enables horticulture professionals everywhere to make data-driven decisions and retain full control of millions of plants with the use of real-time analytics. Its clients can access and share never-before possible insights on optimizing green wall maintenance and design by tracking the impact of factors that influence plant performance.

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