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Tignis provides their customers with a platform primarily used by industrial organizations. Their customers include manufacturers, utility providers and energy companies. Their physics-driven analytics platform is used to improve the reliability and efficiencies of connected mechanical systems. Tignis desires to make the world’s manufacturing plants safer by providing better insights into all components within a plant. Ultimately, they hope to simplify their customers’ operations. Tignis’ platform continuously detects threats, removes obstacles and improves reliability. Tignis uses InfluxDB to analyze time-stamped data, which is collected in real time from IoT sensors, and uses it to identify system performance issues and to enable predictive maintenance.

Tignis has created an analytics platform that provides its customers with a custom UI which enables real-time interactive analysis. Tignis’ approach to industrial IoT monitoring enables its customers to dive deeper into their facilities by providing historical data and insights. Tignis’ platform runs on Azure and Kubernetes and is powered by InfluxDB, the ​purpose-built time series database​. The platform is built on InfluxDB and collects sensor data from manufacturers’ various systems. All sensor data is available through the platform, which provides clients with real-time historical analysis.

Saving clients millions

By reducing downtime at manufacturing and industrial plants

Provide customers with digital twins

Enabling quick schematics, piping and instrumentation diagrams changes

Faster ad hoc reporting and analysis

Power their custom UI with real-time operational and IIoT sensor data

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“We wanted something that would get up and going fast, that wouldn’t distract us from our core business. [InfluxDB] seemed to nail all that.”

- Jon Herlocker​, President and CEO, Tignis

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