Dell Technologies was founded in 1984 and is one of the world’s largest technology companies with 165,000 + employees worldwide. They help organizations create end-to-end technology solutions that help them innovate and grow. While Dell started off by providing consumers with personal computers with the aim to democratize the PC industry, it has since grown their products and services offerings over the years. Dell Technologies creates technology that helps organizations drive innovation, by empowering them with the right products and services.

ECS is Dell EMC’s leading object storage platform. It is a turnkey deployable and S3-compatible solution. It is built to store unstructured data with the scalability benefits of using the public cloud, while also providing the reliability and control of a private cloud. Dell’s EMC ECS Enterprise Object Storage team uses InfluxDB to power their monitoring system.

InfluxDays presentation

Dell presented at InfluxDays EMEA 2021. In this talk, they provided an overview of how they migrated their internal monitoring system that is shipped with Dell’s EMC ECS Enterprise Object Storage to a customized solution built with InfluxDB. They demonstrated how they used influxDB, Flux and Grafana to create a new observability solution complete with dashboards and alerts.