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FENECON develops and sells electricity storage systems. With an open energy management software, the energy storage devices become intelligent and help to realize the vision of 100% renewable energy.

FENECON Energy Management System (FEMS) is built upon OpenEMS, a modular IoT platform for energy management applications. It was developed around the requirements of controlling, monitoring and integrating energy storage systems together with renewable energy sources and complementary devices and services.

100% renewable energy

Aiming to revolutionize power storage systems

Better IoT insights

Unified collection of all sensor data

Reduced downtime

Improved predictive maintenance through monitoring and alerting

Technologies Used

“InfluxDB has a clear focus on time series data, availability on all required platforms (Windows for development, Linux/ARM for IoT, Linux/x64 for cloud server), and an available Java library.”

- Stefan Feilmeier, Head of Energy Management Systems, FENECON

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