eSoftThings is a solution-focused tech company founded in 2014, based in Rennes in France and serving Europe, North America and Asia markets. eSoftThings has extensive experience in telecom and semiconductors industries. It has a team of 50 hardware and software engineers with expertise in developing embedded, mobile, application, and backend software. eSoftLink develops and designs products and solutions to meet the challenging requirements and high-quality standards of the Smart Device and Autonomous Vehicle sectors. The company’s solutions make use of the latest technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), big data and deep learning. For instance, in the field of smart energy management, they use AI for energy monitoring, customer coaching, predictive modelling of real and peak power consumption as well as identification, analysis and classification of usage trends.

InfluxData Customer Success Story: eSoftThings

eSoftThings needed to use its IoT platform eSoftLink to transform a smart meter into a real-time feedback tool for consumers and allow them to achieve energy savings through energy consumption insights. eSoftThings is able to collect a large volume of time series data with its implementation of InfluxDB Enterprise (and its metrics collection agent Telegraf) that provides value-added services while maintaining GDPR compliance. Deploying InfluxDB Enterprise and Telegraf, eSoftLink platform provides real-time energy management. This IoT solution is end-to-end from hardware device to backend platform to mobile application. eSoftThings uses InfluxDB Enterprise to store the time series data that their energy application collects from sensors. They use this data to help monitor, alert and predict in real-time.

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The Problem

eSoftThings needed to help its customer, a utility company, achieve its energy savings goals. Yet to save energy, you first have to assess consumption and compare it to production. Smart meters, by providing real-time data on electricity and gas usage, allow consumers to make smarter decisions about their energy usage but don’t allow consumers to identify the devices that most contribute to overall consumption. eSoftThings set out to transform the smart meter into an IoT system using their eSoftLink IoT platform, in order to provide the utility company and its subscribers an in-depth view down to the appliance level.

The Solution

In building their solution, eSoftThings realized that they needed a time series database for eSoftLink to store and process the large volume of time-stamped data generated by the smart meters. They chose InfluxDB Enterprise because they needed a time series database that is performant with high write speed, scalable and popular. Powered by InfluxDB Enterprise, eSoftLink’s implementation for utility providers delivers real-time energy monitoring and reporting, with secure data storage and access. The eSoftLink stack offers a full range of REST APIs, so connecting frontend UIs such as mobile phone applications and web browsers is quick and easy. The eSoftLink consumer application and provider application are very empowering since they provide previously unavailable information and visibility in real time.

“We wanted a solution that can support this data volume, which led us to deploying a time series database.”

Samuel Chevrier, Technical Marketing Engineer, eSoftThings

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