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eSoftThings needed to use its ​IoT platform eSoftLink​ to transform a smart meter into a real-time feedback tool for consumers and allow them to achieve energy savings through energy consumption insights. eSoftThings is able to collect a large volume of time series data with its implementation of InfluxDB Enterprise (and its metrics collection agent Telegraf) that provides value-added services while maintaining GDPR compliance.

Deploying InfluxDB Enterprise and Telegraf, eSoftLink platform provides real-time energy management. This IoT solution is end-to-end from hardware device to backend platform to mobile application. eSoftThings uses InfluxDB Enterprise to store the time series data that their energy application collects from sensors. They use this data to help monitor, alert and predict in real time.


Average energy savings through better consumption insights

Real-time analytics

Better insights into electricity and gas usage

End-to-end IoT monitoring

Collecting metrics from sensors, app, infrastructure, mobile and hardware

Technologies Used

“We wanted a solution that can support this data volume, which led us to deploying a time series database.”

- Samuel Chevrier, Technical Marketing Engineer, eSoftThings

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