Freedomotic is an open source, flexible and secure Internet of Things (IoT) development framework. It can be used to build and manage modern smart spaces. It is targeted at individuals (home automation) as well as businesses (smart retail environments, ambient aware marketing, monitoring and analytics, etc.) and can interact with well-known automation protocols as well as with “do it yourself” solutions. It treats the web, social networks and branded front-ends as first class components of the system.

Freedomotic allows you to build smart spaces, from small apartments to huge buildings like museums, schools, corporate offices, malls and university campuses. For OEMs and software developers, Freedomotic is the solution to create building automation systems, smart retail environments, home automation managed services and innovative IoT ambient aware applications, drastically reducing development effort and time to market.

As an open source IoT development framework, Freedomotic needed a modern IoT data platform that is resilient, scalable and extensible enough to handle its workloads. Freedomotic is using InfluxDB to collect data from sensors and actuators in order to create charts and use this data for machine learning. It’s collaborative work, so anyone can contribute.