Cree, Inc. (NASDAQ:CREE) is an American worldwide manufacturer and marketer of lighting-class LEDs, lighting products and products for power and radio frequency (RF) applications.

In 2014, Cree introduced SmartCast® Technology. Lighting sensors and intelligence are built into every SmartCast® Technology fixture. Exacting user-driven design and engineering allow “one-button” commissioning to enable a network of up to 250 lights at a time. SmartCast® Technology fixtures communicate wirelessly with each other to automatically create a lighting network and intelligently group lights together, eliminating the painstaking and error-prone process of manually commissioning each light. SmartCast® Technology provides greatly simplified daylight harvesting, motion sensing, adaptive lighting and dimming without third-party devices, additional wires or manual commissioning for about 50% of the installed cost of other solutions.

The SmartCast Technology platform includes a gateway that passes power with Power over Ethernet (PoE) to the 802.15.4 network of embedded lights. It is written in Go and is multi-VLAN compliant allowing the user to read and control thousands of lights in parallel. All the log data collected from the LED light fixtures is collected and written into InfluxDB. The collection of this data is used to provide real-time reporting to the Cree analytics engine, which is fast and responsive thanks to InfluxDB. Real-time data visibility of LED lighting makes decision support for facilities and traffic control safe and secure. Furthermore, real-time monitoring simplifies maintenance, re-configuration, upgrades, and expansion of LED light fixtures while providing greater energy savings, scalability and flexibility.