XAP is an in-memory computing platform that enables near real-time access and linear scaling for any use case from big data to omni-channel through data replication across sites — enabling millions of transactions per second, with 100% consistency and high availability for data intensive apps. Cloudify is a Cloud Application Orchestrator. It automates any process you need to perform with regard to your applications over any cloud.

Customer Success Story: GigaSpaces

GigaSpaces XAP in-memory computing platform is based on a distributed cache model — so InfluxDB fit perfectly into their architecture. XAP leverages InfluxDB for sending metrics to users from their clusters and diverse channels so they can better understand how their infrastructure is performing.

GigaSpaces also uses InfluxDB in their Cloudify project. They needed a dedicated metrics DB that will be easily integrated into Cloudify and allow for the storing and retrieving of metrics easily. Another factor that influenced their decision was the high amount of development activity around InfluxDB vs other time series databases.

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